Thesis 2014: A Mobile Application for Public Transport – How can gamification be used to promote the use of electric buses for a sustainable future?

Chalmers introduced a new challenge-driven lab, called Challenge Lab (C-Lab), in year 2014. We (two master students) and ten other students are the test pilots for this new type of education at Chalmers. The rst part of this thesis is about the entire C-Lab process, where the C-Lab team met with dierent stakeholders in three sectors of society; the public sector, the private sector and the academic sector. This gave us a broad sustainability basis to help us form our own sustainability-related research question. When the research question was found we started the second part of the thesis.

How can gamication be used to promote the use of electric buses for a sustainable future?

This part is based on our education as Interaction Designers, where we use an iterative design process, making both low-delity and high-delity prototypes, involving users in the testing and evaluation process in the creation of a gamication service for public transport.


Full text available here.