Presentations “A Good Life on Campus”

During the last seven weeks, 40 students from 8 different master’s programmes have worked on the case “A Good Life on Campus”. In the case, the students focused on Chalmers campuses to see how they could be more sustainable. They started by defining what they would describe as a desired, sustainable campus on a principles level, and mapped out the current state. They compared the current state with the desirable state to find what challenges to address. They identified leverage points where small interventions could make a large change addressing the challenges, and based on them, they created conceptual solutions in those leverage points, and strategies to realise the solutions.

What: Presentation and discussion: “A Good Life on Campus”
Where: Johanneberg Science Park, conference room 4
When: October 22, 9:00-12:00
Registration: Send an email to

The students have worked with

  • Student’s stress levels and time management
  • Campus relations and cultural integration
  • Informal knowledge sharing activities
  • Students’ feeling of safety at campus
  • Utilization of spaces (classrooms)
  • Consumption of one-time use items
  • Consumption of sustainable food
  • Transportation of goods

In the morning October 22nd, the students will present their findings from all steps of the case. Following the presentations, the whole group; students and attending campus stakeholders, will be invited to a conversation around what we just heard. What can we learn from it? What solutions should be picked up and further developed? By whom?

We believe the ideas which will be presented are worth spreading and would therefore invite campus stakeholders and interested people to attend the presentations. You might have participated as stakeholder in the course, or you might meet the students for the first time in this final presentation: both perspectives are interesting. If you know someone else who might be interested in attending, feel free to spread the word!