Master thesis lab

Each spring, we organise the Challenge Lab “master thesis lab”. In the lab, up to 20 students conduct their master thesis, focusing on sustainability challenges in Gothenburg and the region of West Sweden. As a thesis student in the Challenge Lab master thesis lab, you will work together to with students from diverse backgrounds and societal actors from different sectors in the region to identify and address important sustainability challenges.


The application opens through this website in mid September 2020. Students from any Masters programme at Chalmers and Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law can apply to the lab. Those who have studied our course “SEE40 – Leadership for Sustainability Transitions” have a larger chance of getting accepted to the master thesis lab, since the course lays the foundation for the methodology used in the thesis. However, it’s not a requirement to have studied the course, and we always accept a mix of students who did and did not take the course.


The Challenge Lab master thesis students are working in a dynamic environment where they are in charge to connect projects, companies and public sector initiatives together with academia to find leverage points in the system – to then suggest and initiate solutions to take all sectors in society forward. We believe that students have an ability that goes beyond what any actor in society can do alone.

The topics are formed by the students through the methodology in the lab, and will be aimed at systems innovation supporting sustainability transitions in the local and regional context.

The 4 steps of Backcasting used at Challenge Lab

Previous master theses

Interested in previous thesis topics? Presentations from 2017-2019 are available on our Youtube page. You can also have a look at all our previous master theses reports, or  search reports by year:


Empty circle of chairs at the Challenge Lab
Challenge Lab waiting for curious master students
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