Thesis 2014: Redefinition of transport sharing system for a sustainable future

The thesis work is divided to two phases. Phase I focus on Challenge Lab process based on the methodology of backcasting, from an outside in and an inside out approach. The outside in approach is related to knowledge input while the inside out approach is to research oneself. Challenge Lab students use design thinking to combine the learning of both approaches for the purpose to decide the project topic in Phase II.

In the project, a new business model is created to transit the current transport system in Gothenburg and lead to a sustainable future. The main composition of the project are:

  • A system consists of a virtual mapping platform and GPS smart lock. The platform gets the signal of the locks and record the moving patterns. An APP is connected to the platform to show real-time vehicle location.
  • Co-shared transport (e.g. bike sharing and car sharing) provides private vehicles to the sharing market
  • Urban goods are delivered on people’s commute way with the support of smart boxes

The project proposes a new way to integrate the existing transport capacity for both personal transport and freight transport in the urban area and a new way to think business model with regard with sustainability.


Full report available here.