Thesis 2016: Sustainability criteria for urban freight systems – A case study of DenCity

Aako Raoofi, 2016

The concept of sustainable development has failed to make radical changes in today’s behavior. This concept has not been incorporated into the engineering practices. Change over time is certain what those changes would be is uncertain. Lock-ins in existing socio-technical system are strong barriers against radical changes. Unsustainable trends are deeply established and rooted in all the elements. Urban freight system, a system to transport goods in an urban unit, is an inevitable system needed for any society. The major challenge identified was to evaluate relative sustainability of different scenarios in the field of urban freight system. A proactive approach is necessary from municipalities not only to integrate urban freight system in their decision-making processes but to also incorporate sustainability into this system. Sustainability criteria are a set of factors to evaluate the relative sustainability of a set of alternatives. These criteria help to ask relevant questions within a project to see whether or not this project move the society towards the desired future. Inclusion, providing equitable opportunities, flexibility, ability to adopt and resource efficiency are among the most important requirements that have been tried to be covered. These criteria are operational, non-prescriptive and comprehensive by considering the future generation needs and unsustainability impacts of today’s activities.

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